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  • Chris-Marie

Drought Update at Nature's Voice

Nature's Voice, lies in the captivating Winterhoek mountains, located between Uitenhage and Kirkwood, in the Eastern Cape. Here we offer you a place where you can experience and explore the true untouched beauty of nature, in every way, shape and form.

We, like others, have been affected by the ongoing, nationwide, drought and as we know, nature is forever changing. Therefore, we would like you to know what to expect when visiting Nature's Voice.

Our serene rivers now flow. The rain has come, which makes it much more enjoyable on a hot summers day, when you come across a flowing stream, whilst exploring. Our breath-taking landscape of rocky-mountains are still rockier than ever and our miracle-working plant, The Spekboom, provides us with the necessary greenery we crave, and from time to time spoils us with a beautiful pink bloom during the toughest drought periods. Now more than ever we admire nature for its perseverance.

We, at Nature's Voice, are very fortunate and beyond blessed to have natural springs that provide us with a sufficient supply of fresh water, to reassure the guest of functioning ablution. We still encourage our guests to use water wisely and in general understand our water-situation.

We look forward to having you experience the beauty of nature.


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