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  • Chris-Marie Meiring & Andrea Dumont

Like Succulents? Then You’ll Love This Miracle-Worker

The Spekboom tree, is without a doubt, an environmental miracle-worker. Also known as Elephants food, Spekboom is able to reduce carbon emissions, like no other plant, can.

Spekboom predominantly grows in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Here, at Nature’s Voice, we are fortunate enough to have this hardworking, yet vibrant succulent, spread across more than half, of our land.

Whether you’re a succulent enthusiast, or have yet to come across this amazing tree, until now, here are a few fun and interesting facts, we thought you’d like to know about this indigenous, power plant.

Beside being edible and extremely high in Vitamin C, the Spekboom tree plays an important role against reducing the harmful effects, of climate change.

Did you know, one hectare of Spekboom, removes more than 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, per year? Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, is a big contributing factor, encouraging global warming and its effects, on our planet. So, plant a Spekboom & help fight climate change!

Spekboom trees, can live up to 200 years, and is dense enough to survive, our winter frost. The plant, with its wide variety of capabilities, reproduces easily, making it adaptable to overcoming droughts, fires and other harsh conditions. A broken Spekboom branch can grow roots and become a whole new plant.

Spekboom is often used in the kitchen, for salads and soups, or for its medicinal properties. Spekboom has a lemon-like flavour and can be used to treat dehydration and exhaustion, while hiking or walking in the veld, where water supply is scarce. The leaves can be chewed as treatment for a sore throat, and the juice, helping to soothe ailments of the skin, such as, rashes, skin lesions and insect stings or bites. Crushed Spekboom leaves are excellent for pain relief, when rubbed on blisters or burns.

Spekboom, is often used by our farmers, during periods of drought, to feed livestock and acts as a supplement of water, due to its succulent nature.

The information given, is merely for the nature and use of the Spekboom and its benefits, and not for the purpose of replacing medical truth. One should however avoid substituting the plant for medical emergencies over your GP’s advice.


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